About Us

Though we pride ourselves on being a professionally managed seasoned Travel and Tour Company we'd rather prepare and maintain a personal travel profile of you (yes, each one of you) instead of preparing ours. It enables us to be prepared about the probable travel need of yours beforehand ... and, if you decide to visit us again then don't be surprised if we remember details of your past visits, likes and dislikes more than you do. We strongly believe that it pays to stick to the basics.

We personalize every option that you may choose which gives you an option within an option feeling resulting in surfeit of options ... some say we are spoiling you, we say it's good business.

¤ Management and Staff : It's repetitive if we write about the passion with which our personnel work here. Yet it's a fact that they are in love with what they are doing. Add to it the understanding of different needs of domestic as well as foreign travellers and you have world class service waiting just for you. All members of our staff are seasoned tourism professionals who'll go to any distance to sort every detail of your travel without making you feel that whatever we did was hard work.

¤ Communications : We believe that fast and clear communication channels between us and our guests are what make us as fast and efficient as we are for we keep the communication channels open all the time. This in turn gives us unmatched ability to solve the problems where none could be seen.

¤ Success Partners : We collaborate with the tourism industry in a way that creates a vast network of professionals who'll be right where you needed them to be. You must have seen an elderly person protecting the young without even telling them what he was doing. Yes, now you have some idea of our service network spread all over and that's the manner in which they operate.

Now it's the time for basics again.

The services that we offer are:

» Package Tours - You think of a tour, we've thought of a package for it ... and all of these are designed carefully with every detail worked out. It doesn't make a difference whether you are a group traveller or an individual one, we pay equal attention to every need. We also pay heed to your budgetary constraints without compromising on the quality front. What's more, if you don't find a tour that appeals to you then you can design your own tour and we'll arrange it accordingly. Isn't that wonderful?

» Car/ Coach Rentals - The car and coach rental services provided by us give you a smooth feeling about your tour. We make every effort to remove every possibility of hassle from your tours.

» Hotel Reservations - Whatever your need and budget, we'll find accommodation that suits you. We treat this as a separate business altogether devoting it the utmost seriousness that it deserves. All this because we realize that a single glitch may overshadow an otherwise pleasant tour.

» Air Ticketing/ Documentation - Prepare yourself for that feeling of a laid back holiday. You'll have to exert yourself only when you want to, for everything else you can depend on New Metro Travel. Be it air tickets or Visa or other Passport formalities, the vast network of tourism professionals that we have at our disposable take care of everything.

It all depends on the perspectives, you see. While doing all this, we are just looking at creating perfect synchrony and harmony between you and the places you are going to visit.

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